PECAA's 2020 Educational Webinars for Doctors & Staff


A New View of Myopia: A Clinical Journey From Disease to Epidemic
~COPE ID #: 68175-GO~
Thursday, July 16, 2020  |  5:30pm - 6:30pm Pacific
Presented by: Sally Dillehay, OD, EdD


Course Description:

Until about 25 years ago, myopia was viewed as “just” a refractive error for which standard vision correction options would be prescribed. However, at a higher level of clinical analysis, myopia is a disease, one that has reached epidemic proportions throughout Eastern Asian and is rapidly increasing throughout the world. This course will review the current situation, examine other disease epidemics for similarities, review the history and theories behind myopia treatment strategies and outline clinical implications of managing myopia as a disease in clinical practice.


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